Ever since I can remember, it has been my childhood dream to open a dance studio. I believe that every job and career that I have had thus far has prepared me. Dance did not just teach me to keep a beat or do a turn, it taught me to have self-confidence in everything I do. I have gone where life takes many of us: college, marriage, a career and kids of my own. Taking dance class along with the support of my parents impacted my life more than I can describe. I learned how important it was to have a true passion for something and to work hard to achieve the goals I set for myself. At a young age I learned what it meant to work as a team, encourage others and strive for perfection. I both failed and succeeded. It is my hope that NPDC students will believe in themselves and be proud of what they have accomplished. Dedication and discipline will help them achieve their potential as dancers and become stronger individuals. I want them to work to excel and always have the self-confidence to follow their dreams. I have been blessed with the great opportunity to impact your children’s lives. Thank you for being part of the family here at NPDC. I believe that with hard work, guidance and experience we can accomplish anything! – Jennifer Meeh